“My experience with having Alda there as my Doula was a blessing.  The whole process was extremely helpful.  I will never forget that moment when everyone was by my side and I had been trying for 10 hours to manage the contractions and was beyond my pain limit and she told me that sometimes it is necessary for medicinal help and that’s okay.  When things began to get scary and I was not capable of making my voice heard Alda was there guiding my husband and helping him be my voice.  She was in tune with me and knew exactly what I wanted and needed and was there to make sure that I was in control of my labor.  We are forever grateful for all that Alda did.” -Rebecca W. 
“Alda is the best kept secret for the AromaTouch Technique in Tooele, County! ” -Travis M.
“I walked away from Alda’s childbirth classes being prepared and confident with my role to help my wife give birth naturally” –
“I tell all my friends that a doula is a necessity. She guided my partner in what to do and supported my wishes throughout.” –