Happy New Year 2019

Resolutions. Goals. Mantras. 

This is the third year in a row that our family has chosen a mantra, a theme, to focus on and carry us throughout the new year. 

Our mantra this year is “faith.”

This word was spontaneously chosen by my daughter, while we were out Christmas shopping. It’s perfect with what is required of me and my children this year. 

Faith (noun) – complete trust or confidence in someone or something. -New Oxford American Dictionary

As pregnant women we put trust in our care providers, our Midwives, our doctors. We have faith that they are competent and have our best interest in mind. 

If they do not, I hope you seek out a different provider. You are under no obligation to stay. You deserve the best care possible. Go with your gut feeling. Trust your intuition. 

May 2019 bring you faith in your abilities as you obtain your dreams, goals and desires. 

Best Wishes for 2019! -Alda

Winter Solstice Greetings 2018

I am not a winter girl, but I greet this winter solstice with gratitude. I have found that it’s important for to me to accept the seasons that we are in. 

I prefer warm tropical weather, but I live in Northern Utah. It’s cold here with freezing temperatures, however the high temp today was 46 degrees. I’ll take it! 

The temperature as I write this, is 36 degrees. While raining right now it is expected to turn to snow. If it does, that would be a splendid winter solstice greeting, northern Utah style!

May the babies that decide to arrive on this day, winter solstice, be greeted by gentle loving hands. 

May this winter season bring you warmth and cozy surroundings with serenity and peace.

If my wishes are not your circumstances, may you be presented with the resources and things that you need. May safety and comfort be within reach.

With much winter solstice love! —Alda

❄️Winter Solstice❄️

It never fails that I get caught driving in the first hardcore snowfall of the season. Last night was no different.

Even though the mountain pass drive was treacherous and both hands were on the wheel, I’m grateful that I was able to deliver some Christmas gifts to my daughter and grandbabies (I have two). I played Santa in true “flying” through the snow fashion!

May this Solstice bring comfort and  safety; may you honor this winter season. ❄️

Lots of Love, Alda Mills💙


Whose hands were catching you as you arrived safely into this world? 

Only one of my babies were caught by a midwife. When I was pregnant with my second child, I knew I must have a different pregnancy and birth, thus leading me to a midwife practice.

Did you have a midwife?  Today is Internaltional Day of the midwife! This day has resonated deeply with me as my gratitude for Midwives runs deep. I began my midwifery apprenticeship in November 2016. I must say that I have never been so excited or in awe about anything as much as this! I have been preparing for midwifery since I was a young girl, I just never knew midwives existed until my second born! 

I must also say, I have had trying situations since beginning my PEP midwifery path. I have such a long way to go, but what is cool about it is, it’s a life long learning route! I’ve experienced great changes with my preparations for this tremendous calling in my life. It has been intense and brought huge commitments and responsibilities that I embrace.

Birth is a continual learning process, even healing. I hope you were able to get the birth that you desired! If you did not, and your birth was traumatic, I hope you are able to heal from it. I know my own rough birth experiences have allowed me help others, as their postpartum doula, and will shape my own holistic midwifery practice. 

I love my midwife! I love Midwives! ❤️ Alda Mills, DEM