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Numerous Studies have shown the many BENEFITS OF BIRTH DOULAS!

Synergy Baby Doulas are birth professionals that are trained and experienced in the childbirth process. We provide physical, emotional, and informational support. We provide knowledge and resources for a rewarding birth experience. We complement her partner and other professionals on the birth team while helping achieve a positive and gratifying birth experience, even empowering!

We want you to more easily reach your goal of having a birth doula if you desire one. You can have your ideal birth!


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*Due dates may be anytime during 2016, but you must contact us by

April 15, 2016 to schedule your no-obligation interview.

This is our gift in honor of pregnant mamas and their partners to help them more easily reach their goal of having a birth doula if they desire one. Working together to achieve YOUR dream birth!

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Belly Binding is a sacred practice of wrapping the hips, belly and torso of postpartum women tightly with a long piece of fabric.  This practice is an ancient art and has been used by many cultures around the world spanning several generations.

The Malaysian form of belly binding originates with the Indonesian Bengkung culture while mainly being practiced in Southeast Asia. Binding the belly brings attention to the womb as it honors its role in supporting creation and the job it has fulfilled.

A special warming herbal paste is made fresh before being applied directly to the abdomen before wrapping. The wrap is typically worn for forty days. In our western society women are wrapped for three to five days and then it is their own personal choice to learn and continue the daily wrap. Essential oils may be used instead of herbs. Belly binding is powerfully healing!

Belly binding physically heals the body and emotionally honors the mother during the immediate postpartum period. Mamas that have had a vaginal birth can usually begin belly binding at day four as this allows the body to continue involution and establish bonding. Mamas who have had a cesarean section can begin at six weeks postpartum or when the incision has healed.

Benefits of Bengkung Belly Binding:  A Therapeutic Approach to Postpartum Care

  • Helps the body heal faster by assisting the uterus, pelvic organs and all other internal organs return to its pre-pregnancy size as it speeds the process by the constant pressure and tight support
  • Assists the abdominal walls to retract which helps prevent diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal wall)
  • Helps shrinks cells by getting rid of excess water retention and fat storage
  • Encourages body to expel blood naturally by lessening lochia and its duration
  • Helps prevent pubis symphysis diastasis by supporting the pelvic area and pelvic floor
  • Helps realign posture to it’s pre-pregnancy state while encouraging good posture
  • Helps prevent back pain
  • Lessens after birth pains
  • Improves circulation
  • Hormones are more easily balanced
  • Closes the pelvis and rib cage
  • Helps prevent the “empty” feeling after giving birth
  • Beneficial for a still-birth or miscarriage as it provides physical and emotional support
  • It provides a feeling of being safe and secure
  • It’s comforting
  • It feels awesome as it soothes the body, mind and soul!


Three Days: $250  |  Student Price: $200  |  Ages 19 and Under:  $125

Every morning or evening for three consecutive days and includes wrap, special warming paste or essential oils

Five Days:  $325  |  Student Price: $250  | Ages 19 and Under:  $162.50

Every morning or evening for five consecutive days and Includes wrap, special warming paste or essential oils


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How to use Essential Oils for Labor & Birth

The following Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from doTERRA® are a wonderful enhancement for labor and birth: 


BALANCE: For fear and grounding. Apply 1 drop to wrists. If carrier oil is desired apply 1 drop to wrists also. Inhale deeply. Inhale as soon after birth as possible.

BASIL: For labor pain & anxiety.  Apply to hips, bottom of feet, abdomen and temples. Mix 2 drops to 2 tsp carrier oil.

*CLARY SAGE: Induce labor/encourage contractions (slow labor). Mix 1 drop to 1 tsp carrier oil. Apply to abdomen, lower back, and the insides of ankles every 15 minutes. 

GERANIUM: To help prepare perineum. Massage daily for six weeks (begin at 34 weeks). Mix 5 drops & 1 TBS carrier oil. Can also be applied to forehead to help with negative memories and negative emotions (good for survivors giving birth). Also used post labor for helping with involution. Massage clockwise on abdomen. 

GINGER:  For Nausea and pain. Add a couple of drops to a bowl of warm or cool water. Soak a wash cloth in the bowl of ginger oil water. Wring out washcloth and dab face and/or apply to forehead. Apply to hips, bottom of feet, abdomen and temples. Mix 2 drops to 2 tsp carrier oil.

LAVENDAR: For pain, fear, anxiety and stress. Add a couple of drops to a bowl of warm or cool water. Soak a wash cloth in the bowl of lavender oil water. Wring out washcloth and dab face and/or apply to forehead. Add a few drops to warm bath water. Also used as a post labor uterine massage.

LEMON:  For energy and nausea.  Add a couple of drops to a bowl of warm or cool water. Soak a wash cloth in the bowl of lemon oil water. Wring out washcloth and dab face and/or apply to forehead. Directly smell washcloth. Add a couple drops to water and drink.

MYRHH: For grounding. Feelings of being in present moment. Getting baby in a good position. Add a couple of drops to warm bath water. Soak in tub.

*Use only if membranes have ruptured or if labor has been well established. 

Note: All oils can be inhaled (smelled).

Reference: Essential Oils for Maternity 

Alda Mills Guide for Essential Oils During Labor & Birth

To order Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you’re interested in buying at wholesale prices, there is a link to become a member with no monthly requirements. 

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It’s our first Bradley Method® class reunion for all class series held in 2013 & 2014. Party will be held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 4:30pm. We will be celebrating with our doula clients too!

The menu is potluck style, please bring a dish to share. We’ll have a piñata for the older children and Halloween themed gift bag and card crafts.

After arriving at the party, please plan on writing down advice you have for new parents and we’ll share them, anonymously, around the campfire as we make s’mores. Let’s celebrate you, your baby, parenthood and life!