❄️Winter Solstice❄️

It never fails that I get caught driving in the first hardcore snowfall of the season. Last night was no different.

Even though the mountain pass drive was treacherous and both hands were on the wheel, I’m grateful that I was able to deliver some Christmas gifts to my daughter and grandbabies (I have two). I played Santa in true “flying” through the snow fashion!

May this Solstice bring comfort and  safety; may you honor this winter season. ❄️

Lots of Love, Alda Mills💙

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving and always have! I’ve cooked our dinner and prepared pies for many years. I make a mean tarragon turkey roasted in the oven!

It’s a turkey recipe created by Suzanne Somers as I have a few of her cook books. Did you know she’s a fabulous chef? I adore her and her entrepreneurial spirit. The turkey is accompanied by the most delicious sausage stuffing! 

But, this year I am cooking a small tarragon turkey roast that is cooking right now in a crock pot (slow cooker). And, I’m foregoing the sausage stuffing. 

I had to rethink my traditional Thanksgiving dinner foods, even Thanksgiving breakfast. I’m on call for two births, so I must conserve my energy.  It’s exciting to think that I started my midwife apprenticeship one year ago, November 2016! 

My boys are getting used to the idea of this change and I must say that it’s been nice to be able to take 5 several times today.

My first born even made two vegan pumpkin pies to help me out. Can’t wait to taste it with the coconut whipped cream! No, I’m not vegan just dairy free. 

I hope this day finds you relaxing and enjoying good food as you’re surrounded by those you love! I’ll be eating soon with my two handsome boys and beautiful little girl. 

Happy Thanksgiving & Much Love, ~Alda Mills 

Trick or Treat 10.31.17

Happy Halloween! One of my favorite celebrations of the year. Why? It’s fun with no expectations. And, I seriously love candy. Sugary, crunchy, chewy candy. Skittles, starbursts, Swedish fish, sprees, nerds, fireballs. Sweet & sour is the bomb! I don’t allow myself to indulge in candy very often anymore as sugar physically & internally hurts my body. But, tonight I partake. May my body tolerate. 
As you know, Halloween is rich in history. Its origins run deep. I have read about religious meanings and pagan rituals. They say the veil is thinnest on All Hallows’ Eve. 

What ever happened to the shouting at the top of your lungs, “TRICK OR TREAT?!” When you approach my door, BEWARE! Standing in my power is, however, electrifying. 

Alda Mills, AAHCC, CD 




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