Alda Mills is a fertility coach and guides women who are desiring to conceive and haven’t been able to. She uses her education, training and skills that she has gained through her studies at The School of Natural Healing, DoTERRA® University and The Healers Library. She practices the following natural and holistic approaches.


        • Referral to Herbalist for complimentary total health evaluation
        • Yoni Steams
        • *AromaTouch® Technique
        • Organic Herbs & Teas
        • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
        • *The Emotion Code™
        • The Body Code™
        • Body Energy Balancing
        • Simple Yoga Poses that enourage fertility
        • Nutrition Planning for Conception
        • Fear & Stress Release

Alda enjoys assisting in the preconception preparation stage as it lays the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. As with all of her services that are provided, a free no-obligation consultation is highly beneficial. Contact her today!

Cost: $45.00/modality

Packages coming soon!

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