I am a holistic fertility coach guiding women who are desiring to conceive and haven’t been able to. I use my education, training and skills that I have gained through studying at The School of Natural Healing, DoTERRA® University and The Healers Library. I practice the following approaches.


        • Referral to master Herbalist, Doug Taylor, for a complimentary total health evaluation using Iridology
        • Yoni Steam
        • *AromaTouch® Technique
        • Organic Herbs & Teas
        • doTERRA® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 
        • *The Emotion Code™
        • The Body Code™
        • Body Energy (chakra) Balancing
        • Simple yoga poses that enourage fertility
        • Nutritional guidance for optimal conception 
        • Fear & Stress Release 

I love assisting in the preconception, preparation stage as it lays the foundation for a healthy pregnancy! 

Contact me directly to schedule (801) 750-4575, fill out the form below or schedule yourself at your convenience using my DYI appointment calendar. Let’s get your body prepared to sustain a healthy pregnancy! 

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