Happy New Year 2019

Resolutions. Goals. Mantras. 

This is the third year in a row that our family has chosen a mantra, a theme, to focus on and carry us throughout the new year. 

Our mantra this year is “faith.”

This word was spontaneously chosen by my daughter, while we were out Christmas shopping. It’s perfect with what is required of me and my children this year. 

Faith (noun) – complete trust or confidence in someone or something. -New Oxford American Dictionary

As pregnant women we put trust in our care providers, our Midwives, our doctors. We have faith that they are competent and have our best interest in mind. 

If they do not, I hope you seek out a different provider. You are under no obligation to stay. You deserve the best care possible. Go with your gut feeling. Trust your intuition. 

May 2019 bring you faith in your abilities as you obtain your dreams, goals and desires. 

Best Wishes for 2019! -Alda


Today I reflect on past Christmas celebrations and family traditions. The ones I grew up with and the new traditions that I have created and woven into mine. 

I have been blessed with positive Christmas memories, which I am grateful.

I reflect on sadness and sorrow for those who did not or currently don’t have a positive family life. 

Therefore the holidays are lonely, dark, scary, unsafe and even dreadful. 

I understand. 

My friend chose to end his life on Christmas Day 2012. He was alone. I felt his anguish and grief. Deep depression with no will to live. 

Today I honor him and you. 

May the babies that are born on this Christmas Day receive the spirit of Santa. May they share that light with others. 

May you get the support that you need and be surrounded in positivity, the spirit and light of Christmas. 

With Much Christmas Love, Alda


🌸Happy Mother’s Day! 5.13.18

I wish all of you good mamas a beautiful day! I know that some of you grew up without your biological mom, some that weren’t there due to their own inabilities, and mothers that were abusive. For this I’m sorry. I send you pure love. 

Luckily, my mom has always been there for me. My mom is a good woman, a strong woman. She endured much as she supported us. Working two jobs during Christmas seasons to provide for us. She made sure we were taken care of and still does to this day. 

Thankfully, I inherited her work ethics among her many positive traits. I love you mom! 

May you celebrate the good mothers  in your life! May you have peace and understanding, even heal from the damage if the mothers in your life were downright awful.