World Doula Week 3/22-3/28

Doula is a Greek word meaning, “woman’s servant.”

Professional doulas are hired to provide physical, emotional, spiritual and educational support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. 

I love having the foundation as a doula and childbirth educator. My doula experiences have complemented my midwifery apprenticeship. 

Midwives can’t be your hands on doula during labor and birth while providing clinical support at the same time. But, if they have had doula training and doula experience, your midwife care will be more well rounded during labor and birth as there will be times when they can provide physical doula hands on support. 

Birth doulas should be hired independently, meaning outside your care providers’ office. Why? For unbiased support. 

My wish is that everyone who desires a doula, can have one.

Got Doula? -Alda Mills 

Happy New Year 2019

Resolutions. Goals. Mantras. 

This is the third year in a row that our family has chosen a mantra, a theme, to focus on and carry us throughout the new year. 

Our mantra this year is “faith.”

This word was spontaneously chosen by my daughter, while we were out Christmas shopping. It’s perfect with what is required of me and my children this year. 

Faith (noun) – complete trust or confidence in someone or something. -New Oxford American Dictionary

As pregnant women we put trust in our care providers, our Midwives, our doctors. We have faith that they are competent and have our best interest in mind. 

If they do not, I hope you seek out a different provider. You are under no obligation to stay. You deserve the best care possible. Go with your gut feeling. Trust your intuition. 

May 2019 bring you faith in your abilities as you obtain your dreams, goals and desires. 

Best Wishes for 2019! -Alda

Happy Father’s Day! 

Happy Father’s Day to all you honorable men! May you continue to show up for your families in every way. Enjoy your day!