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Alda Mills is an experienced, advanced birth doula. Her services are provided to those who are planning hospital births only. 

Birth Doula Services include:    

      • Two prenatal appointments
      • Support during hospital labor and birth
      • One – two postnatal visits
      • Accompanying with you to one doctor or nurse midwife prenatal appointment
      • Breastfeeding support
      • Unlimited email, text, and phone support (available for any questions or concerns you may have)
      • First & Second Prenatal Appointments: Your prenatal planning discussions are tailored to fit your personal desires and goals.
      • Labor and Birth: Assisting you when you ready by meeting directly at the hospital. Providing comforting physical relief with positive encouragement. Being mindful of women’s amazing strengths and their body’s powerful essence. Women who are relaxed are more easily able to allow their bodies to release their own sedatives/hormones for a more grounded and peaceful labor. Going with the flow of birth is achievable, although some turns may be necessary. Making every effort to assist you in reaching your envisioned birth and providing the necessary support for a rewarding experience. Staying after your birth until you and baby are nestled in.
      • First Postnatal Appointment: This visit will usually take place three – five days after birth. Helping with any postpartum needs and making sure breastfeeding and everything is going smoothly. Processing your birth with you.
      • 2nd Postnatal Appointment: This visit is two – three weeks postpartum.  Making sure you, baby and your entire family are transitioning beautifully. Ideally helping you to be confident in your parenting role and bonding as a strong family.

“My experience with having Alda there as my Doula was a blessing.  The whole process was extremely helpful.  I will never forget that moment when everyone was by my side and I had been trying for 10 hours to manage the contractions and was beyond my pain limit and she told me that sometimes it is necessary for medicinal help and that’s okay.  When things began to get scary and I was not capable of making my voice heard Alda was there guiding my husband and helping him be my voice.  She was in tune with me and knew exactly what I wanted and needed and was there to make sure that I was in control of my labor.  We are forever grateful for all that Alda did.” -RW. 

“I tell all my friends that a birth doula is a necessity. Alda guided my partner in the best way to assist me and supported my wishes throughout.” -GM

Fees for birth doula services will be discussed when contact has been made. Costs are affordable as services are based in hospitals only. 

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