Due to my junior midwife birth on call and clinic schedule at Tooele Midwifery, I’m unable to attend new birth doula clients’ births. I have contracted with birth doulas that will assist you as they have met my high quality standards due to their training and experience. I am available to attend your prenatal and postpartum appointments with your selected, contracted, Synergy Baby Doula if you desire.

Birth doula services will include, but not limited to:

      • Two prenatal visits
      • Support during entire labor and birth
      • One – two postnatal visits
      • Accompany with one provider care prenatal appointment
      • Breastfeeding support
      • We are on call 24/7 starting at 37 weeks until you deliver
      • We offer unlimited email, text, and phone support (we are available for any questions or concerns you may have)
      • Written Birth Story
      • Rebozo
      • “Father’s to Be Handbook” by Patrick Houser
      • If you have chosen the option of including AromaTouch® Technique, it will be scheduled at your convenience.
      • First & Second Prenatal Appointments: Your prenatal planning discussions will be tailored to fit your personal desires and goals.
      • Labor and Birth: We will assist you when you are ready for us, whether it is at home in early labor, meeting you at your birth place or at your planned home birth. We will provide comforting physical relief with positive encouragement. We are mindful of women’s amazing strengths and their body’s powerful essence. Women who are relaxed are more easily able to allow their bodies to release its own sedatives/hormones for a more peaceful labor. Going with the flow of birth is achievable, although some turns may be necessary. We will make every effort to assist you in reaching your envisioned birth and will provide the necessary support for a rewarding experience. We will stay until you and baby are nestled in.
      • First Postnatal: This visit will usually take place three – five days after birth. We will help with any postpartum needs and make sure breastfeeding and everything is going smoothly.
      • Optional 2nd Postnatal: This visit is two – three weeks postpartum. We will make sure you, baby and the entire family are transitioning beautifully. We want you to be confident in your parenting role and bond as a strong family.
      • Payment plans are available. Open to partial trades. Sliding scale fees will be based on certain situations. We want you to have a doula, if you truly desire one.
      • PACKAGE #1  
      • BIRTH DOULA                                                                            
      • Includes all of the above birth doula services!
      • $800.00 
      •  PACKAGE #2
      • TWO BIRTH DOULAS                                                                                           Includes package #1 plus two of our experienced doulas during your entire labor & birth!
      • $1200
      • PACKAGE #3
      • BIRTH & POSTPARTUM DOULA SERVICES                                                   Includes package #1 plus two weeks (14 days) of 2 hours/day of traditional postpartum doula care to be determined at your discretion! 
      • $1425
      • PACKAGE #4
      • Includes package #1 plus 3 days belly binding
      • $950
      • ______________
      • REPEAT DOULA CLIENTS:                                                                                               Includes Package #1
      • $500
      • BONUS:  All packages include the option of adding one (1)  AromaTouch® Technique® at no additional cost (redeemable before or after birth). It’s our gift to you!
      • __________________________________________________
        • Birth Doula Package #1 – $275
        • Birth Doula Package #2$425
        • Birth Doula Package #3 $450
        • Birth Doula Package #4 – $400
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