Hello, my name is Alda Mills. In addition to being a mom, I am a junior midwife, a preconception, birth and postpartum doula, a birth coach, birth coach trainer, childbirth educator, and Emotion Code® practitioner. I am an expert in normal, natural childbirth and I love assisting women throughout all stages of their childbearing year! 

I enjoy working with women through any past traumas, fears and limiting beliefs they have while trying to conceive, prenatally and during their postpartum and beyond days. I am passionate in helping women achieve their goals! 

I am a widow and mom of three beautiful ones, two sons and a daughter. I had an epidural with my first birth, my second was born naturally and my third baby was born by cesarean section. Having these diverse birthing experiences myself, I’m able to assist under any birth circumstance and provide postpartum care accordingly. 

I offer well being support and encourage women to connect with their body, mind, heart and soul as they draw upon their own powerful essence and personal strengths. I understand the significant role that pregnancy and birth plays and the impact it has on families. I create a serene and positive atmosphere and provide a calming presence.

I’m a beach girl at heart and chose to live in San Diego, California.  I had the opportunity to attend school while being there. I earned a degree at Mesa College and moved back to Utah a few years after. I worked as a recreation director in a rehabilitation, long term care, and hospice center. I truly thought that therapeutic recreation was my chosen career until I had my youngest. Her birth changed my path and ignited my childbearing year passion!

I love the season of pregnancy and I enjoy providing informational, physical, spiritual and emotional assistance by offering support before, during and after birth. It is an honor to assist women and families throughout this sacred, sensitive and miraculous time. I respect and adore the families that I serve. I would love to meet you and congratulations on your pregnancy!
~Alda M.

Happily serving women and families professionally, since 2012.

I believe it is important for me to obtain continuing education and training for life long learning and being able to provide excellent services. I want women & their families to have current evidence based information allowing them to make their own informed choices.

I provide beneficial techniques to enhance birth preparations, labor experiences and postpartum days. I attend conferences, trainings and workshops that award CEU’s, contributing to my knowledge & skills in advanced childbirth modalities.

I worked in Healthcare under the direction of physicians and along the sides of nurses for many years. Therefore, I understand the hospital system well enabling me to help families navigate the medical model of care if they choose to give birth in a hospital. I can give facts and information allowing parents to make informed choices and decisions for their own empowerment.

September 2011January 2018: Academic & Provisional Training – American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth, The Bradley® Method of Natural Childbirth – Affiliated Bradley® Instructor & Certified Bradley Doula

March 2013 – Birth Doula Training: Approved by Doulas of North America (DONA), Salt Lake City, Utah.

March 2013 – AromaTouch® Technique Training, Certified AromaTouch® Technique

April 2013 Present: Member, Utah Doula Association

April 2013 – April 2015: Sustaining member, La Leche League International (LLLI) & Doulas of North America (DONA)

April 2013 – Utah Doulas Association Spring Conference

September 2013 – Present: The School of Natural Healing, Family Herbalist student 

January 2014, 2015 & 2016  – Board Member, Utah Doula Association

March 2014 – Utah Doula Association Spring Conference

February 2015 – Rebozo Training – Gena Kirby, Rebozo Certified


March 2015 – Postpartum Doula Training (Traditional), Midwives College of Utah

March 2015 – Advanced Doula Training, “When Survivors Give Birth” ~ Supporting Survivors of Abuse, Kristi Ridd-Young

March 2015 – Utah Doula Association Spring Conference: “Take a Closer Look at Best Practices” (10.5 ICEA)

March – April 2015 – Postpartum Doula Training (Sacred), Community School of Midwifery

May 2015 – Belly Binding Training – Malaysian/Bengkung, Positive Mind, Body & Baby, Certified

June 2015 – QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program, Certificate of Completion  

October 2015 – Present The Emotion Code® Practitioner, Certified


April 2016 – Utah Doula Association Spring Conference joined with the Perinatal Professional Consortium: “Supporting Strong Foundations, Connecting the dots between Research & Reality” – Penny Simkin (6 Contact hours)

April 21, 2016 – Herbology for Midwives: Midwives College of Utah, Certificate of Completion (8 Contact hours)

May 21, 2016 – Speaker, Pregnancy & Postpartum Your Way Expo, “Self Care for Postpartum”

November 2016 – Present – Tooele Midwifery, Direct Entry Midwife, PEP Apprentice, Birth Assistant, Receptionist 

February 2017 – Utah Midwives Organization, Spring Conference

February 2017 – Present Biodynamic Resuscitation of the Newborn, Certified 

February 2017 – Present Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Certified 

February 2017Speaker, Empowering Fearless Birth Expo, “Self Care During Pregnancy & Postpartum”

April 2017 – I.V. Skills, Clinical Skills & Suturing, Utah Midwives College of Utah Spring Conference

June 2017 – Fetal Heart Surveillance, Better Birth, Orem 

August 2017 – Ethics in Midwifery, Utah Midwives College of Utah Fall Conference

January 2018 – Present : Synergy Baby Doula Childbirth Educator Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes 

February 2018 – Present – Tooele Midwifery, Direct Entry Midwife, Junior Staff Midwife, Office Manager 

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