Today I reflect on past Christmas celebrations and family traditions. The ones I grew up with and the new traditions that I have created and woven into mine. 

I have been blessed with positive Christmas memories, which I am grateful.

I reflect on sadness and sorrow for those who did not or currently don’t have a positive family life. 

Therefore the holidays are lonely, dark, scary, unsafe and even dreadful. 

I understand. 

My friend chose to end his life on Christmas Day 2012. He was alone. I felt his anguish and grief. Deep depression with no will to live. 

Today I honor him and you. 

May the babies that are born on this Christmas Day receive the spirit of Santa. May they share that light with others. 

May you get the support that you need and be surrounded in positivity, the spirit and light of Christmas. 

With Much Christmas Love, Alda