Surrender. I learned something really significant today from Mastin Kipp. When in late stage labor, transition, it’s normal and quite common for mamas to say that they want to give up, that they just can’t do it anymore. This is surrendering. Women must surrender at this stage in labor, either verbally or non-verbal as they get ready too enter into second stage. I love how Mastin describes surrendering, as “calming the fear thoughts, calming the nervous system, tapping into a larger wisdom that still, calm voice” (or intuition). He further teaches, “Surrender does not mean giving up. Surrender means giving into a wiser part of you.” I love this! When mamas give into that part of them they are soon entering into the stage that I call the “Rest & Be Thankful Stage.” It’s the stage right before pushing, and hopefully soon they get to greet their little one! Surrender.