“Your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because the are you.” -Susan McCutcheon

These natural childbirth classes are interactive and hands on. Topics include, but not limited to, relaxation practice, simple pregnancy exercises to encourage baby’s ideal position (allowing for an easier labor & birth), prenatal and postpartum nutrition (foods that help grow a healthy baby and foods that help level out postpartum hormones), breastfeeding, informed consent and positive interactions for a satisfying birth experience. You’ll receive tons of guidance and instruction as you CAN have a natural childbirth!

“Natural childbirth may not be for every mother, but it is for every baby.” -Susan McCutcheon

Upon completion of these natural childbirth classes you are prepared to give birth naturally and with confidence. Your support person is ready to assist you physically and emotionally along with encouraging positive communications (advocacy) for a satisfied birth experience. 

Alda Mills, class instructor, is an expert in natural childbirth, labor and doula support training. She teaches childbirth preparation & prenatal education classes in group and private classes. Her wish is for all pregnant women who desire a natural childbirth, have the guidance and support that they need to obtain one.

As a former Bradley Certified Childbirth Educator, Alda loves their core concepts of a healthy mother, healthy baby, and healthy family and maintain these values in her classes. Come learn important evidence based facts and supportive tips in your natural childbirth preparations.

Preparing for a natural birth gives babies the best possible start. Let Alda teach you the best techniques and offer any guidance that she can. Bring your support person along with you and begin your birth-day preparations. Congratulations on your pregnancy!  

“Every life has only one beginning. You owe it to yourself and your baby to make it the very best possible start.” -Marjie Hathaway


“I gained from Alda’s childbirth classes while being prepared and confident with my abilities to help my partner give birth naturally!” -DM

Classes are held on Saturdays from 1:00PM – 3:30PM


SERIES 2:   



Classes span approximately two months as they are not held consecutively.

If these class dates do not correspond with your due date, please contact Alda Mills or use the form below to request your own childbirth series that meets your time frame!

COST: One series (six classes) $265.00

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Cancellation prior to classes beginning are allowed and reimbursement is given on the amount received. If payment was made through PayPal the processing fee of 2.9% + .30 will be deducted.